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Greenacres Young Curlers Covid 19.

GYC Return to Curling and COVID 19

The health, wellbeing and safety of our members, families and the wider community is core to our decision making at Greenacres Young Curlers.

Guidance on the return to curling has been published by Scottish Curling who have formulated the guidance in partnership with the Scottish Government, Sport Scotland, Scottish Ice Rink Association and other such partner organisations and clubs.

The current guidance was published on 21st August 2020 and a review of this is due around 10th September 2020. Under current guidance a return to curling is allowed for Monday 14th September 2020. The latest information from Greenacres Ice Rink remains, however, to be Monday 14th September 2020. We are therefore this time we are working towards our first session being Monday 14th September.

Scottish Curling Guidance can be found via this link
Scottish Curling

In addition to the Scottish Curling guidance Greenacres Ice Rink have published their own guidance on the use of Greenacres Ice Rink. This has been emailed to all members of Greenacres Ice Rink and we would encourage you to read both these documents carefully before returning to GYC.

It should be noted that Scottish Government advice and advice from Scottish Curling and Greenacres Ice Rink supersede any information given in this document.

In conjunction with and in addition to the above GYC would like to draw your attention to the following;

  • We encourage curlers to walk, cycle, wheel or use private cars without car sharing to get to the ice rink.
  • Players and spectators are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitiser and to clean their hands regularly.
  • Members should arrive changed and ready to play as much as possible. Shoe changing facilities will be made available by the rink. This will be in a marquee set up in the car park with a covered, carpeted walkway into the building. It is anticipated that changing rooms will be closed.

Please note that loan curling shoes will not be available during this time.

Players without curling shoes should bring a pair of clean trainers to change into. GYC has a stock of sliders / grippers which can be used.
  • If wearing gloves for warmth, these should only be worn for curling activity, not used before the start of each session and should be disinfected/washed after each session.
  • GYC will, as per the Scottish Government’s Test and Protect system, make note of all players in attendance. Contact details for each players parent/ guardian are held by GYC and this data is managed under our GDPR policy. The attendance register and contact details of parents/ guardian may be passed to Greenacres Ice Rink to facilitate, if required, the tracing of individuals who may have been exposed to COVID-19. This information will be used for this purpose only.
  • Greenacres Young Curlers will issue any members who do not have their own brush, delivery aid, slider or any other such equipment to members on arrival.. Members should use the equipment issued to them. Swapping and sharing of equipment during a session is strictly prohibited.
  • When on the ice members should use the same two stones throughout the session. Swapping of stones during a session is strictly prohibited.
  • At the end of each session all loan equipment will be sanitised.
  • Players should remove all personal equipment, including brushes and delivery aids, from the building after each session and clean with disinfectant.
  • In accordance with current Scottish Curling Guidance it is anticipated that players will be asked to wear face coverings on the ice. One sweeper will be allowed from the hog line to the head. There will be no sweeping behind the T by either team. Opposition skips should be behind the backline when stones are being played. All members should maintain a distance of 2m wherever possible from other members and coaches.
  • A maximum of 8 people will be allowed per sheet, including coaches. Coach to player ratios will be maintained as appropriate to ensure safety at all times.
  • The Scottish Government is continuing to update their rules and guidance on where it is necessary to wear a face covering. At present this includes all enclosed public spaces such as shops and public transport and we anticipate that this will apply to ice rinks.
  • Guidance on spectating will be issued by Greeenacres Ice Rink. We understand that there will be between 6 and 8 tables in the bar area.

  • We appreciate that much of the above may be stricter guidance then many of our members will be used to at home and school. We have members who are under 11 and so social distancing may not apply at other times and members up the age of 21 to whom social distancing does apply. We also need to consider our coaches, some of whom may fall into more vulnerable categories.

    It is therefore necessary for us to put in place the guidance above in order to protect all members of Greenacres Young Curlers, our coaches and other members of the public who may be using the facility at the same time as GYC. Our primary concern is the protection of all.

    With the implementation of the above measures we believe that all members can enjoy a safe return to curling. Please continue to check guidance from Scottish Curling and Greenacres Ice Rink in order to ensure the most up to date guidance is being followed. We will of course endeavour to update you should we become aware of any further guidance ourselves.

    We look forward to seeing you on the 14th September for after schools curling and Sunday sessions beginning on 20th September.

    Please note the new start time on a Sunday of 0945 on the ice.

    Kind regards

    Simon Grant
    GYC Secretary

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